Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OSAMA or OBAMA ~ I Will Fire You

I begin with reflection. 

You can Google our family, our business, our philanthropic works, etc. to find articles written that date back to 2002-2003. Articles in good times, in bad times, in strange times.

I was raised in a democratic home and at the knees of my grandmother and matriarch, Annie Sweat. I speak of this Yellow Dog Democrat often and remember her and her antics fondly. Perhaps one has done something significant in your life when they fly the American flag over the statehouse in Austin in honor of your 80th birthday.

Most of my diatribes and stories on this subject matter were lost in a BLOG virus 6 months ago and because it really served the purpose of self-therapy, I let those words go.

My childhood home, however, was a political mixed bag. The step-father, a Reagan Republican (before the days of Reagan) and my mother....well, let's just say she was a wanna-be. She wanted to be anything except what she was. I believe her initial intentions were just, but she could get in the ditch real quick. Although confused, Barbara wore her badge proudly. It was contentious, loud, obnoxious and unnecessary the fights and arguments we endured at the dinner table each night.

On the flip side, I married a Reagan Republican who too was influenced by a grandmother. She too was a professed Yellow Dog Democrat. When WB and I decided to marry, my grandmother's first question was, "He's not a Republican, is he?"

Growing up around those influences definitely made me who I am today. You will never hear me profess my political party affiliation. We give freely and expect for the American people a certain amount of assistance from the Government. Since the age of 15, I've paid employment taxes and at the age of 16 owned a home, therefore I paid property taxes. I guess that's the Democrat in me.

With WB's diagnosis and the simultaneous closing of the family business, I had to be told to file for my unemployment benefits, having never filed before. Hell, it never even occurred to me. Then, after spending nearly $1400 per month out of pocket for his medications for nearly two years (he was in the Medicare gap), I found drug companies who would help with this. The Republican in me had never relied on any assistance of any sort. It was rare that I ever received child support.

Outside of the thousands of dollars in donations to KidOne Transport in 2003 and Breast Cancer Research in 2005, then more to assist troops and the needy at Christmas, hundreds upon hundreds of hours in unpaid volunteer work, a month at the Gulf rallying against BP, I now manage a different kind of charity. 

Sometimes charity starts at home. Even when the funds are gone or in many instances there are no funds to consider, you just give of  yourself.

I believe that most all people, regardless of political party, aspire to do the right thing. I believe that a democracy is paramount, but I also believe there is a very large disconnect and that people allow politics to stand in the way of doing what it right and what is good.

We do not give to make ourselves feel better, we give to make the lives of others better.

So thankful that our family is safe and that we were spared the tragic events of last Wednesday. (more to follow) I am rejoicing and find such inspiration by those who stepped up and are making a difference each and every day.

Then on Sunday night, we see a crawler on the television reporting that President Obama will be making an announcement. He had just visited Alabama and viewed the devastation, therefore my first simpleton thought was an announcement of his trip, his response, his plan. Not so.

GOOD NEWS! Osama is dead. The terrorist is gone! Music to our ears. Relief. I am feeling an uptick in my mood and have renewed prospects for our country, our economy, our future.

Unfortunately, it only took less than 24 hours for me to get madder than hell.

I do not care if Obama is a Democrat. I do not care if he or the CIA, or the Navy Seals did him in. I do not give two shakes if he was buried, burned or dropped at sea. I do not care to  see evidence of his dead body nor hear opinions on this nor posts about it. What I do care about is that it's done.
That people will give 5 minutes of their time to this debate instead of giving 5 minutes to a disaster relief astounds me. And, perhaps there are some who are giving 5 minutes to both. Which means, they could be giving 10 minutes to the latter.

If you're a real shaker and mover, you will recognize that for most part politics is local.

My interests lie in finding and promoting those who do it for the right reasons. And that certainly includes politicians. You are my candidate if I believe you are the person for the job and if  the candidate has the capacity to lead globally. Personally, everyone deserves a pat on the back for a job well done,  an act of random kindness, giving in lieu of receiving.

You still won't find me bragging about how I voted, but you may finally see me drawing a line in the sand. As Americans, we get to make certain choices and any reader or follower gets my permission today to delete my ramblings from your feed.

But please be aware, when I see the next mention of OBAMA or OSAMA on my feed,  they will be deleted from mine.

Who really has time for all that nonsense? Just askin'

My name is Rhonda Brantley and my husband, Billy Ray Brantley suffers from Early Onset Alzheimer's Dementia. This is the best shot we have at documenting daily living.

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