About Me

This picture was taken in July 2009. We were on Pensacola Beach watching the Blue Angels with our friend Gary Brantley.

My name is Bill Brantley. I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Dementia on October 12, 2007. Within just two short months, everything we knew was different and everything else else was gone. Within 8 months, my wife had negotiated, gathered, sorted, sold, bartered, stored and moved us into a new home. Gone was our home place, our recreational home, boats, toys, everything - including life as we once knew it. What we did not choose to dispose of, the bank handled for us. 

Today, I am 65 years old 4 years post diagnosis. I was a home builder most of my adult life and built thousands of homes, town homes, condos, etc. Before that, my daddy and D-Daddy (grandfather) were bricklayers. I worked alongside them, which most likely is the reason for my back, shoulder and neck pain today.

I can no longer read (comprehend) or legibly write. My wife, Rhonda, will do all the writing here. So when it appears that I am writing, I am not ~ it is her. She has started a Facebook page for me and I enjoy getting messages from old friends.

Most days I am at home, piddling around the house. Some days I can tell the time, some days not. I  cannot tell you the day of the week or month. I have a lot to say but sometimes cannot form the words.

I take Namenda twice a day and wear the 24 hour Exelon patch. My first infusion for a clinical trial at the University of Alabama - Birmingham was Monday, March 15, 2010. She will post more on that later. (Update: after a mini-stoke in July 2010, I am out of the Bapi trial)

We have seven children total. I had four, she had one, we had one and we took one from somebody else. We have about 12 grandchildren. 

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