Friday, December 10, 2010

Home For The Holidays

Our little one comes home for the holidays this afternoon after a full week of exams. I suspect that she will end her first semester at the University of Alabama with a bang. Already signed up for next semester's courses, she reports that she is packed and ready to head this way by mid-afternoon.

There are many things that she will come home to expect. Christmas decorations up, tree trimmed, packages wrapped, recipes out and her animals all standing in a row. What she will not expect is the newest subtle changes in WB.

Since I am with him everyday, it is normally less noticeable, however I have gleaned some decline over the last week or two. He now has trouble with plugs. For awhile now he has had a fascination with keeping his favorite things and gadgets close and where he can see them. I had made a space for him in a side table near his chair, but they all end up on top so that he can see them. Its as if he cannot remember they are in a special drawer, but if they're visible all is well.

For months, I would come through his space, tidy them up, put them all back in the drawer but now I just let the rough end drag. 

Another significant change is that I am having to remind him to shower. This has never, ever been an issue with him. I hope that it is the weather as he has complained more about feeling cold. That said, there is now an electric blanket in his bed and his favorite new seat is in my seat in the den near the fire.

Yesterday was a bust for me and my projects. Needier than normal, he wanted me sitting with him. For the first time in I cannot remember, we stayed cuddled up near the fire for most of the day watching old John Wayne movies. It was just about all I could do to sit all day during this marathon, but I made myself do it. For him, for me, for us. How much longer will he care if I sit with him or not? Nobody knows. 

With Kate's scheduled arrival this afternoon, this house is all a-flutter.  Bill asks me many times a day, "is Kate coming home today?"

When I do announce, "Katie's coming home today" the animals get WILD. Andy, her Australian Shepard rescue, will sit at the top of the foyer stairs, staring at the door all day. He still sleeps in her room at the side of her bed each night as if she were still in it. She can walk out on the front porch and call her ducks from the pond a block and a half down the street and they too will come waddling up to see her.

I thought about Snow White this morning and the episode of her in the forest with all the animals as the deer crunched on acorns in the front yard, Hoot was hooting from the nearby woods, the squirrels gathered nuts and frolicked in the back and that old murdering hawk is still perched on the swing. 

Everything seems to be alive this morning, as if they knew our baby is coming home.

Thinking about a Boston Butt, some homemade BBQ sauce and Timberly's famous slaw for dinner. We have projects on the board to finish. Then, mama will pack her brood and head west.

I'll be home for Christmas ~

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