Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catching up....

How in the world do you catch up when you are several weeks behind?

Perhaps it is impossible, as things have been in such a rush all month that I can hardly remember....uh oh. Will not say that out loud around WB because he will advise, "watch out, they will give you medicine for that."

Left Alabama for Texas on Sunday, December 19th. Today, we've been away from home 11 days. Don't know about the specifics for our return, just know that we must have Hunter back by January 5th at 6:00 am and Susie is flying in to visit on the 6th. Could be coming home tomorrow, could be next week, who knows. Lately, its all about how the wind blows.

This jaunt started with a dead battery and a loaded down SUV. Wade came by Sunday morning to make sure we were loaded and washed us down before we pulled out. His comment was so true, "Dad, you would never leave for trip in a truck this dirty." Sure was nice to leave in a clean automobile. I felt energized as our plan was to alternate driving (Kate and I), however, I drove the entire leg. 

Of course, our first stop inside Texas state lines was at a Jack-In-The-Box for $.50 tacos and our next stop was not by choice. It was a 58 in a 45 speeding ticket and my first since before Kate was  born. Was not even in a hurry, so yes, speed trap in Jewitt, Texas and the 'skinny juvenile pock-marked  kid in a uniform' was not amused with me.  Figuring now the little shithead must have been a University of Texas fan and I have the 'BAMA MOM' sticker on the back hatch. That ticket will probably cost no telling what, so the judge will just have to agree to payments.

Next stop, Mt. Vernon Cemetery just outside of Calvert to replace the flowers on the grandparents headstone. This is part of the ritual, this is just what we do. It was my hope to make it down that dirt road and back before dark, however it was really dark before we made it to the gate.

Sweat Headstone, Mt.Vernon Cemetery, Calvert, TX
By headlight shining into the gate and WB's trusty little Streamlite, we got the job done. Mt. Vernon is not a perpetual care cemetery and it is evident that we will be having to do some work soon. But, the flowers are placed and we left once again with the wind blowing through my hair. (Personal and special feeling I get when visiting their grave site. Personal between me and them, I suppose. Not too many people go there to visit, if any. Especially not at night.)

Back on the road again, we made it to Lexington to Unc and Kay's by just before midnight. Unc and I talked until 4:00 am ~ heck, it just took that long to catch up. Visits with cousins and then on the road again. I awoke at 5:30 Tuesday and had us showered, packed and in the car by about 7.

My FAVE Uncle Ernie and Second Cousin, Max

This year marks the first time to be with the Texas Grandies for Christmas Day and Santa Claus.

Traveling from Lexington to Kerrville through Dripping Springs, Johnson City and Fredricksburg is a real treat. Dripping Springs marks the gateway into Texas Hill Country, Lyndon B. Johnson territory and old German settlements. The area is rich in many ways and the livestock is plentiful. High fenced ranches line the highways with elaborate gates leaving us to only guess who lives there. Millionaires, movie stars, country western singers, professional athletes, the retirees and well-to-do end up in the Texas Hill Country and it is probably where I will park my 'arse' and cart one day.

More later, laundry awaits.....

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