Monday, August 9, 2010

Visits from family.....

Susie Brantley Vogel, Maddie and Dalton Humphries, Big Daddy

It started on Wednesday when WB's oldest daughter, Susie, came in for a visit. She picked WB up around 11:00 am and away they went. Plans were made upon their return for a dinner with Susie's oldest children, Maddie and Dalton.

Maddie is a recent graduate from the University of Alabama with a finance and real estate degree and has recently hired on with Graham and Company. Dalton just received his release from the US Navy and is already enrolled in college. 

Their visit Thursday night was welcome as WB jumped right into the conversation as we all caught up. Easy hamburgers, chips and dips with a promise of future visits and a chance for WB to spend more time with them. 

Maddie and Dalt are WB's oldest grandchildren of 12 total that we share.

This "receiving guests" campaign is working so well that WB woke this morning and his first question was, "who's coming today?" 

WHEW, I may have created a monster!

Tomorrow we will have our first visit from the Psyche Nurse and Wednesday its back to UAB for MRI's and the Mental Mental Exam.

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