Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Such A Good Day After All

I woke up this morning to a warm day ahead. Beautiful weather for a Saturday. 

This will be choppy and fast as I need to write to calm myself down.

We had company last night and Bill made it nearly impossible to enjoy. His continual butting into a conversation and the inappropriate things he says is getting worse.

Dalson came yesterday for a weekend visit and I can tell that he is getting undone with his Big Daddy.

I have been asking Bill for months to pick up the large limbs in the back of the yard and he simply cannot make himself do it.

He has been griping for months that nobody he knows will take him fishing. Today, it took him several hours to get a rod and reel ready to take Dalson to the pond and fish. First cast, huge bird's nest. They were home in 10 minutes and Bill was beside himself, Dalson was over it and I had to get a rod and reel ready complete with spinner bait on a Zebco rig so that Dalson could fish.

The $50 ham that Michelle purchased to smoke on the grill Easter Sunday turned into a loss of $300 when she put the hot charcoal on the stainless steel cooler. Its ruined beyond repair. 

The pressure washing event of a couple weeks ago (Bill) has ruined the starter on the gas grill as Bill covered it back up without wiping it down. Corroded and top is severely oxidized.

I've asked Michelle for months to call H H Gregg after she spilled soup all over the grates and the eyes no longer work. Like everything with Michelle, she can only remember to do exactly what she wants to do or she's so depressed she can't snap out of it.

The State Home Builders Association turned Kate's scholarship down.

I think we're all exhausted. Bill has become exhausting. This must have been what Dr. Lee meant when he said I needed to start writing. I have been so positive for so long.

Dalson just asked me if I was mad.....HAHAHAHAHA 

Sorry for the outburst. It had to happen. Going for the Xanax (for me).

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