Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go Down, Golf Cart, and Grandies

Bill's ride is the 4-wheel drive golf cart loaned to us by a friend. It is a great way for him to ride about the neighborhood, engage with the neighbors, check on the ducks, etc.

Earlier posts tell the story of a golf cart mishap where Bill overfilled the tank with machine oil and caught it on fire. Not sure if that's what caused the $735 in damage and repair bills, but it came back home still not running properly. 

This causes additional stress. It also ensures that Bill will keep the hood popped and tinkering underneath entirely too much. So when he advised me this past weekend that a "wire" had snapped off, I snapped. It worried him so that he called #1 son Wade to come and fix. 

We then made a plan for Wade to come last night and bring his sons, Aidan and Austin for dinner, inspect the duck eggs, hang out and Wade could diagnose the problem. Luckily, Michelle had already replaced the battery and the cart was running smoothly before their arrival. So we nuked Easter leftovers, threw in some ice cream and were able to spend time with the kids. 

Austin & Bid Daddy Christmas 2009
Austin is trying to potty train and Aidan limped around the house with a blue band-aid on his knee. A couple trips to the pond in the cart, Austin hording his bread and sippie cup and away they went with a goody bag of chocolates and rice crispy treats.

Bill interacts with each of the grandies in a different way and I find that he does better with the younger ones. He has been especially close to Dalson as he lived with us for nearly a year, but I continue to encourage spending time with all of them. Each and every one of them will benefit from the time they spend with their "Big Daddy" regardless of how intellectually challenging it becomes. 

Dalson is due to arrive Friday night and spend most of the weekend here. His mother works a second job on the weekends and it works out well for all as she splits the time up between grandparents. 

However, he has begun to spend less time with his "Big Daddy" and more time with his Aunt Kate and I. He has learned how this household works. He goes to Kate for movies, games and time with her in her room. When he's hungry, thirsty, needs hair gel or wants to tell tall tales, he comes to me. When he just wants to romp around outside, he'll pull on his Big Daddy's pants leg and away they will go. 

Dalson knows to watch out for his Big Daddy. He reports to me when he is sad, crying or confused. He sleeps in our bed when he is here. We potty trained him and taught him all kinds of valuable life lessons while he was with us. Dalson is easy to keep, understands the mechanisms of the house and its inhabitants, understands his boundaries and the dynamics. He is sensitive, respectful and protective. 

But last night and like many visits before, I see Bill reaching out to Austin who is about the age Dalson was when he came to stay with us. I also notice more and more Dalson beginning to outgrow his Big Daddy, needing more when he visits. Soon, Dalson will be in Kindergarten and have less flexibility on days to visit. Though not looking forward to that, I am recently encouraged that another grandie may take his place in our home for extended stays and special times with Honey and Big Daddy.

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