Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still mesmerized.....

Houston, we may have a problem....

Newsflash: I finally killed a fish.

Yep, casualty number 1.
It was a newly purchased Plecostomus (algae eater). Although I am now convinced it wasn't anything we did, perhaps it was simply because there was not enough algae in the tank already. Nonetheless, he has been scooped out, bagged and is sitting in the freezer awaiting his return to Petco as they honor a 30 day guarantee. Kate tried to convince me to move him to the outside freezer to keep Michelle from screaming out loud when she went to get ice last night, but hey ~ what's not to like about a little excitement every now and again.

The 36 gallon aquarium is an absolute hit. When visiting Dr. Counce last week, I suggested to her that she mention this to other families of Alzheimer patients. It soothes WB in the most positive way as it puts him to sleep, puts him back to sleep and so far has kept him from wandering at night. Providing just enough noise, a little water noise and now Moze, the rescue cat, is keeping him company. They are mesmerized buddies.

Back to last week's appointment, Dr. Counce has raised the Seroquel to another 5 milligrams twice per day. And, after mentioning my concerns with the high levels of zinc over many years, ordered a heavy metals test for both urine and blood. This is not a hard test, just a capturing of urine at home for 24 hours (on ice) and delivering the following morning to take blood. The instructions said refrigerate so I stored in the water closet in a styrofoam cooler. 

Amy came for her visit Monday morning and volunteered to deliver the specimen and have his blood drawn at the lab. They lunched at the famous Fran's in Pelham where they are always excited to see WB. So the story goes, Mayor Murphy recommended that Bill come to walk the tract at the Pelham Park a couple of times a week ~ NOT. Amy had to remind everybody that the only way to get Bill into a fast walk would be to chase him with a gun.
What he does not know and will find out soon enough, is that when the cold weather breaks, he will be walking with me. May have to up the Seroquel again, as he will be convinced it is punishment.

If you are wondering about Seroquel dosage, WB still takes less than most people we have talked to that have this as part of their prescription routine. I asked Dr. Counce about newAlzheimer's meds and she has me convinced that he is getting the best there is (Namenda and Excelon) and advised that she felt they were continuing the lesson the sharp declines.

Dermatologist test results came back as well and we will be taking WB for surgery on his face next Tuesday morning. Only under local anesthesia, but they have still advised a long day at their office.

Do not have pictures to post from WB's outing on Saturday with Wade, Aiden, Austin and Bill Strickland to the boat show, but he had a fabulous time and was worn out when he returned. An avid freshwater angler, bass club member and boat owner, I was convinced there may be repercussions ~ but none so far. 

And, as discouraged as he has been about not hunting this year, he finally relented, "You know, this has been the only year I can ever remember not hunting. But I just don't think I feel up to it". His way of admitting it or his way of excusing it remains a mystery. Hunter's 8-pt took care of the venison for the freezer and we will look at the pics from the camera at the backyard deer feeder this weekend.

Susie sent WB's birthday present early and Michelle will be taking him out today to find a few glo-fish in neon green.

Will keep all posted on the heavy metals test and the cancer surgery while trying to keep Moze out of the fish tank.


My name is Rhonda Brantley and my husband, Billy Ray Brantley suffers from Early Onset Alzheimer's Dementia. This is the best shot we have at documenting daily living.

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