Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Little Piece of Tejas

My gosh, its has been cold in central Alabama. News reports that it is 9 degrees outside this morning and weather like this prevents nearly all outside activity for WB. I left him alone this week to run errands close by ~ simply too chilly for him.

For many, many years Bill would leave on Thursday or Friday nights during hunting season and not return until Sunday afternoon. He still yearns to participate and tries extremely hard to convince me that he still needs to be up in a tree, with a rifle, out in the woods, alone. Recently, it takes just one trip to get the trash out and he is chilled for the rest of the day. How in the world did he work out in this for so many years? It is hard to imagine.

You may remember a posting about AD patients and their 'fascinations' or 'obsessions'. Like a small sore place on an arm, they will pick at it until it is a full on problem. A mole, a dry patch of skin, nearly anything they can get to will qualify. For at least the past six months, WB is been working a place on the side of his face pretty hard. Just as I get it nearly healed, he'll shave over it too hard or pick at it again. 

With so much sun exposure over the years, the place on the side of his face may actually be a small sun spot and need better attention. I was encouraged with Dr. Lee's suggestion at our last visit to go through a round of antibiotics and creams, cover with a band-aid and all should be okay. However, WB is convinced that the last MRI he had at UAB in the fall is the culprit. He is sure the MRI machine has burned a hole in his face. Looks like a visit to the dermatologist after the first of the year.

Then, as close as that is to his ear, he'll start on that. Now that I have used two bottles of swimmers ear in an effort to convince him that his ear is fine, he's working his eyes over pretty good. So, back to the doctor's office we go this morning. I'm devoid of all remedies at this point and am calling in reinforcements.

Kate came in on Friday and immediately noticed the changes in 'Dad' ~ changes that occurred in less than two weeks. There are some things he simply will not let go of and that is talking to her about grades. It is hard for him to understand that they were not all posted on Friday, or Saturday, etc. but he has asked she and I both many times as if we are not telling him for a reason.

Even though she has a pretty good idea, it will be a wonderful thrill for him to see them in "reading and writing". The drop of her preliminary major due to a bout with EPV, continuing drama within her suite, worries of family at home and Kate still managed to finish off her first semester at Alabama with success. There is certainly nothing we can do to change what goes on at home as it is impossible to keep it from her but keeping her healthy remains a priority. As for dorm room drama, I will remain optimistic in hopes that she can work this out, otherwise I will step in and administer the smack down myself.

Much to do in preparation for our trip to Texas, so this week's itinerary is tight. Michelle and a house sitter will stay behind to provide 24-hour care for the animals and keep the home fires burning. I do not know if it is drug or economy related, but there have been a rash of burglaries in our area.  But, the sorry fool wouldn't do well here as WB has trained us all to 'shoot first and ask questions later'.

Black beauty needs a service, long johns needs to be packed, baking and handmade gifts to be finished. WHEW. I better get to it. Most of our gifts this year come from home. Lasagna, homemade sauces, baked goods, canned goodies, jewelry and quilts. Learning new things and teaching my girls the art of gift giving has been gratifying.

I am hopeful that we will make safe and good time on our trip as we have much to accomplish.  First comes cemetery maintenance in central Texas, then we head west for a stopover with relatives in Lexington. We will push on further west with a loaded Mac as I have numerous projects due. Mike, Joni and the boys have several day trips planned and since Santa came early for me, we will be able to document them with ease. It is not uncommon to see herds of axis, black buck and whitetail freely roaming. WB loves to ride those two lane highways, speculate at the longhorns and is still quite the spotter. Hunter will fly in to meet some of the family and help us make the drive back home.

I am a true shutterbug, however the shape of my old Canon has been producing discouraging results for quite some time. Been waiting all week to share the most unique and thoughtful gift of all.  This shot was taken with my other fave, the new Canon T2i and Tamron 18-270 lens. Kit also came with the new Canon Speedlite. It has been on my wish list for so long, the camera has upgraded twice. I traded the old kit in, then WB, Michelle, Kate and Mike all pitched in to make it happen. It is extravagant for sure, but I have never needed this more than I do today.

My BFF Valerie found this for me and I LUV THIS.  What a special friend she is to me and what a special gift! Been anxious to post it and have already enjoyed wearing it. Thanks Val, I will be wearing my little piece of Tejas all across Texas while holding you close to my heart.

As Christmas draws near, so do thoughts of those less fortunate than I. Whether its illness or economic hardship, loss, pain, hunger or homelessness ~ there will always be needs that are hard to meet.

Note: I do not generally have the time to peruse other blogs and some may find that hypocritical. When I do, it is normally searching for information on blogging, travel, website design,  product and software reviews, economic concerns, housing industry news, Alzheimer's research, things like that. Right away I can tell if I would personally appreciate spending time on the site and nothing will whisk me away quicker than a "rah-rah" false impression. Please do not misunderstand, I just allocate my reading for knowledge and information. Sites that include only "wonderfulness" are not accurate to me. My interests lie in storytellers who are willing to honestly tell things as they are ~ the good, the bad and the ugly. In this station of our lives, we appreciate the real and the now. Tell me something I did not know, give me something worthy to share with others who could also use the information, give us substance and open the lines of communication. Blogging has received bad press as being "just written random thoughts and cuteness".  Just sayin'.

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