Monday, November 8, 2010

Lifestyle Exposure Theory

Taking this theory to another place this morning......

Lifestyle Exposure Theory is based on whether an active lifestyle leads to higher or lower risks for criminal victimization. This has nothing to do with criminal victimization.

In our case, you could say that our active lifestyle over many years has contributed to the amount of drama we have going on at any given time.

First, we both have large and extended families. (lots of people exposure)

And, we were very active in community service and have always been charitable to a fault. (tons of people exposure)

Have been very involved in our the activities of our children. (more and more exposure)

Made a living primarily in a largly populated industry within our locality. (thousands of people)

Could it be that the more exposure we have to people and places over the course of many years create a greater incidence of drama? In relationship to a couple who have no children, are not involved in their community, don't travel and never leave their house?


And that is all I have to say about that....

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