Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Closet Receiver" is Receiving Guests

In an earlier post, I boasted about my new program which we can refer to as, "Closet Receiver." We speak in code around here and am not sure if I did that pre-WB, but for some reason we create strange names for common things. It does make life interesting. 

Back on track.

I am still in the closet about receiving, but it came to me in a hot flash. I decided the best thing to receive in this time of need was company. Plenty of company to keep WB entertained and ample adult interaction to keep me sane. Since I am getting out less and less, it would also give me a chance to run an errand or two, aimlessly wonder around Walmart OR get a MARGARITA or some fine wine.

The calendar is filling up. Friends Mick and Val are planning a night over for crunchy burgers and I can hardly wait. 

Note: If anybody should want to just see WB when they visit, no problem. I will take my leave and take is gracefully. HARUMP

There are other reasons for receiving guests. 

You've just got to see this. People need to see what happens when the AD monster takes over the brain. Too many posts from other caregivers are forwarding, printing and faxing our blog  to non-caregivers who have no idea what day-to-day life is like with an AD patient in the home. If you are anywhere near my age, statistics show that you will encounter this ~ either you or someone close to you and guess what? You could be a caregiver one day to an adult who acts like a 3rd grader. I think the hardest part of the AD caregiver experience is just simply trying to explain the madness. 

(See Caregivers Anonymous Blog Post Next Week)

My wonderful grandmother (Grannie Annie aka Gran) had a guest book in her menagerie of a home. Everyone who entered had to sign the guest book. If you were visiting for a week, you had to sign it everyday....the whole family. Family, friends, strangers, she did not discriminate. Gran lived alone and loved to have company stop by to prowl around her house of many treasures. 

That said, I am going to invest in a nice guest book to display proudly on the foyer table. Yes, I am turning into her; figs, canning, sewing, painting. Guess it was in the cards as she quit any and everything in her life at a very young age to take care of my grandfather until his passing.

Back on track. 

Company began coming in this week with Bill's oldest daughter, Susie, traveling in from Boston. He was up, showered and couldn't find his underwear. Then, had 5-dot toast and fig preserves, was dressed early and had already napped before she arrived. She picked WB up about 11:00 and away they went in her rented Cadillac Sedan.

Haircut and then Fran's for lunch with Wade proved to be a small issue as Fran would not let them escape. Leaving his glasses at the barber shop another forgetful moment, but he came home with Guy Harvey T-Shirts and a 3-day mini vaca for the two of us. He was pretty worn out but thoroughly enjoyed the day. Susie hadn't gotten out of the driveway when he exclaimed, "I'm hungry."

Then, we received wonderful news today from our friends coming in from Pensacola to visit. Instead of laying around the house all weekend in front of the boob tube, it seems we're going to take off Saturday morning for the 500+ mile yard sale. WB is beside himself!

We had participated in this event before when Kate was younger traveling all the way to Chattanooga, stopping along the way whenever we saw anything roadside that caught our eye. Matter of fact, we nearly furnished our lake house one year with treasures found while riding up and down Highway 127. I explained to Kate tonight that on this trip, it will be more about the hunt as there certainly will not be any room in the car for much.

That boy she likes was planning a surprise trip for her on Saturday but I am hoping they will change their plans and go with us. I may even dig up one of those old CD's of Silly Songs. That will get her going for sure.

Blog readership is still growing so I will keep posting. Tonight we're at 123 unique hits in exactly one week. Still astounded. Social media experts may find this too thrilling but hey, we're writing about Alzheimer's. Not exactly light and airy subject matter.
Night all.

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