Monday, August 23, 2010

Another great weekend with friends and family.....

Gary and Pam
Gary and Pam came up again on Friday from Pensacola. I made Rattlesnake Pasta and unfortunately, I was not on my game. Cheese sauce was a little thick, oh well, perhaps it will be better next time. I so resist turning the oven on in the summer as it heats this little house up to unbearable. 

Saturday, we manned our tent at Tannehill State Park for Katie Bug. It was so hot I thought we may just die. This morning we learned of an acquaintance who did just that. Died in the heat. He was about my age and that is really scary to hear. Although we had not seen him for many, many years, my heart goes out to his family as he has at least two sons and one is only twelve years old. RIP Steven Kendrick.

Saturday night, we grilled out steaks on the Big Green Egg. Sweet yellow corn on the grill in the husk is the best! Grits and Au ju, steamed brussel sprouts, Italian 5-grain bread. Delish!

Kate was home for the weekend and by 4:30, everybody had gone on their way. At 7:00 WB was crying. I had once again cut back on the Seroquel as I felt he was sleeping too much during the day. This morning, we are back on the full dose. That makes two times I have cut it back and then had to add it the next day.

The occupational therapist came this morning and worked with WB on writing his name, days, dates, kids and grandie names. He struggled with all of it, so now he has homework. Can't wait to tell Kate this news. OT will be happening around here twice a week for nine weeks. We are simply not going down without a fight. Its going to be a busy Fall! 

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