Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes - she has graduated!

We are so proud of our Katie Bug. And, so glad that we are moving beyond the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Like so many experiences in Kate's education, it gave us much but required more. I will be posting more on the obstacles regarding a child's education at ASFA in the future. 

For now, its summer time as we wait on Mike, Joni and Honey's boys to arrive next week. Much planned for their visit and am hungry to eat the baby Keaton up!  Bill asks daily about their arrival.

An update on the Alzheimer's. He's started hallucinating. First it was his brother driving a van on Brantley Hill Road. A van that has been gone from the premises for at least 3-4 years. Yesterday, he informed me that his mother was at her house (in Pelham) and I do not believe that this is correct. Will be following up later. Several other tidbits of information he passes are very nearly crazy in context or very dated so I know that is a very real illusion for him.  Will be reporting this to the DR's at his next infusion June 17th.

And, because of the heavy preparations for Kate's graduation party, the house and yard is in fairly good order to carry us through the Summer without too much detail. It feels good to have that done and behind us. Still need to finish staining the deck, but heck...I guess that can wait.

I am posting a video slide show compliments of my BFF Debbie Hutchins who documented the party for us. What a night, oh what a night!

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