Saturday, April 3, 2010

Progress Update

Well, it has been a couple of weeks now since the first Bapi infusion. I can't tell if he's less forgetful, but then I wouldn't. People ask everyday, "Can you tell a difference?" 

These new medications under trial today are designed to "stop" the progression. So, I believe that if he does not progress as rapidly then yes, there is improvement with the rapid slope but again, am not expecting him to IMPROVE. 

What we do notice is a renewed sense of himself. He believes that he is going to get better and therefore half the battle is won. We are winners when his mind has convinced himself that there is hope that his will improve and the desperation of sitting around waiting on the day when you cannot remember anything at all. Of course when that day comes, he wouldn't know it either. 

Additionally, our give a damn is no longer busted. His attitudes about doing things seem to be better with this new found hope. Instead of thinking he only has X(Total Time) - Y(Days) he seems inherently more interested in the future. When Katie Bug will graduate, getting the house ready for a graduation party, keeping the yard clean. Then with such an improvement in the weather, he is going outside earlier and staying outside later. 

With Bill's physical abilities and at his age it would be reasonable to expect him to be able to get up, get a shower, eat some breakfast, go outside, wash a car, pick up around the yard, pull a few weeds, maybe blow off the drive, tinker around the garage, maybe get the mail. With Bill now, we can expect one thing per day without prompting or direction. It becomes a full time job to keep him going and lists no longer work as he cannot keep up with him.

The obsessing is worse. On some days I will find him with every pair of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses laying out on the bed. He's switching cases, trying different ones on, forgetting which are his favorite pair and this will go on for hours until I finally help him put them back into place and distract him with lunch or a walk. 

More later.

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