Friday, March 19, 2010

Puttering About

I took a class today called Web Expressions. Its the second part of a course which is a replacement to the old Microsoft FrontPage and very similar to SharePoint Designer.

Problem was, it was just not my day. I had been working on the computer for ten solid days trying to get some sites together so I suppose I was too tired. Hadn’t slept but a couple of hours the two nights before as there was work going on in my dreams.

Soon I know there will be work that will pay me for my effort.

I left class early knowing that the Willie Bill would probably be out in the yard or riding around the neighborhood in the golf cart. Sure enough, when I turned in at the pond he was riding along looking for duck eggs.

Last year we bought Kate four baby ducks and the three survivors (Donald, Whitehead and Flutter) are staying close. They come when Kate calls them and follow her down the road like the Peabody ducks in Memphis. We lost Peep last year. RIP Peep.

We believe now that because her ducks did not nest properly, and instead nested in her arms that they may be too domesticated. Even though they live at the community pond and all the neighbors love them as we do and the three grown ducks waddle up the street about a block nearly each day and come for a visit. Bill absolutely despised Kate's love for animals. Now, we have two dogs and a cat who have free rein of the go-down with three ducks waking us up every morning quacking at the bedroom window. Ten years ago, Bill would have just walked by one of the animals and kicked it for no good reason. Now he gets up in the mornings talking to them. There is peace in the valley at last.

Our friend Stuart Sims said they will always come home to their “roost” and he was right.

If there is ever a fox sighting or if neighbors see a stray dog down at the pond they are sure to stop by and report. Everyone is quite protective of our little mascots.

News flash: Donald is actually a girl. Whitehead and Flutter (the two males) are giving her quite a run for her money.

One egg was found floating in the water Wednesday and Kate immediately brought it into her room and put it under a heat lamp. She along with other schoolmates have investigated the methods for home hatchery so we’re turning and spritzing constantly.

On Thursday, Bill brought home another egg. We had explained why we had the egg in the house, so I believe he thought that he needed to gather them up and bring them home as they were laid. So, that egg went into the basket under the light. Kate then very gently explained to him that we probably should not touch any others. That Donald needed to clutch all her eggs and then perhaps she would start sitting.

When I turned in this afternoon, it was all a commotion at the pond as there was another egg laid. Sitting on the bank all alone but we are hopeful that the three of them will protect it until she can clutch enough to satisfy her sitting.

Bill loves his golf cart. He rides around, talking and visiting with all of the neighbors. He can’t keep straight who lives where or with who but with this illness I have found that he is more forthcoming. Even though he has always been friendly with folks, he’s especially so now. They report to me later that he will tell them early on that his is ill, that sometimes he can’t get his words out, but he never ever tells them what it is. Its as if he refuses to say it.

He will say dementia, he will say forgetful, but he will never ever say the word Alzheimer’s.

I was leaving out later this afternoon for the farmer’s market and stopped at our immediate neighbor down the hill who is a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy. We could look back up the hill and see a car stopped in front of our house and I mentioned that I would have to turn around and go back and see what was what as Bill wouldn’t be able to deal with a stranger.

And my new neighbors said, “go ahead, we’ll take care of it”. Oh my goodness......

This is a new community we live in and in a much smaller more modest home. But I absolutely love it and have from the moment I laid eyes on it some 5 years ago.

Tomorrow I will turn 48 years old and have made everyone promise NOT to make anything of it. The girls are always wanting to do something for me and what I really want them to do tomorrow is pick up fresh sushi and bring it home to enjoy with a rented movie. That is what I really want to do. Kate seemed upset until I explained to her that at this age and at this place in my life, sometimes I just want to do what I want to do and sometimes that means not a damn thing. Believe the point was well taken.

So, not much information tonight on Bill’s illness, just fodder for the memories.

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