Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It was a good day.....

Overall, Monday was a good day. Long sure, but something has come over my Bill.

He was talking to any and everybody. Introducing himself, making jokes with the nursing staff, carrying on like a teenager. It was good to see. We had packed a lunch of turkey pastrami sandwiches and later scoured the gift shop for special treats while he was upstairs on the hook-up.

He now understands that this is a trial only, but believes that it is going to make him better.

If making him better means the stopping or slowing of the dementia, then I will agree.  It will be better.

I've noticed a little bounce in his step in the last couple of days. A little more willing and a lot less depressed. Less complaining for sure.

I say this: Look, even if it does not make you better, you are doing a great thing for mankind. You have an opportunity to help others down the road. 

One thing for sure, we are not sitting on the sidelines in a spectator sport. We are aggressively working on improvement. From the very beginning we made a decision to lay it on the table and agreed that we would not be trying to hide this illness. We are not ashamed. 

Instead, we laugh out  loud at what goes on around here. Its a hot mess ~ but he's our mess.

Next appointment is April 23rd for MRI, EKG and blood work.  

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