Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 9 A's of Alzheimer's Care

Arguments are useless. In fact, the more you reason, rationalize and argue, the more your patient will dig their heels in. Find ways to always let your patient be right.

Allow your patient as much freedom as possible. They resent their loss of autonomy. Try to walk the fine line of keeping your patient safe and making them happy.

Actions,facial expressions and your tone of voice speak louder than words. What you communicate non verbally is critical.

Appreciate good moments and good days, without riding an emotional roller coaster. Learn to cherish the little things.

Appropriate activities help pass time, reduce agitation and reduce boredom. What a patient says they can do and what they actually can do are not the same thing.

Agitation can be reduced when the caregiver stays calm, reassuring and respectful.

Adults are still adults, always treat your patient with dignity and respect – but remember that your number one goal is to keep them safe.

Adapt because your patient cannot change. Because they can no longer do all the things they once could, you must adapt.

Assess and reassess often. What is safe and effective for now, may no be so later. Keep watching and evaluating.

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